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No.of Printing Units


Paper Length

7" to 13" (117 to 330 mm)

Paper Width

4" to 9" (101x482mm)

Printing Area (Max)

12.7" x 19" (332 x 482mm)

Stock Handled (Max)

200 gsm.

Stock handled (Min)

60 gsm.

No.of Ink Rollers

14 with 2 form roller in each unit.

Print Speed(Max)

7000 forms per Hour.

Plate Thickness


Blanket Thickness

1.9mm , 4 ply rubber

Feeding System

Tractor feed.

Delivery System

Paddle Delivery

Delivery Pile Capacity

350 mm

Vertical Image Adjustment

Range 100 mm

Lateral Image Micro Adjustment

Range 3mm (First Color Head)

Blanket Size


Plate Size


Power Required

1.5 HP single phase/1.12 KW

Dimension (LxWxH)

1375x1300x1500 mm

Weight (Approx.)

1050 Kg.

* Measurements and Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice.

*Printing Speed Depends upon Operation Conditions/type and thickness of paper, type of inks or Chemical used & Desired Printing Quality.


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